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Codeless is a content production company that combines strategy, SEO, writing, design, and video. We produce hundreds of long-form articles each month for some of the biggest SaaS, service, and affiliate brands in the most competitive spaces on the Internet.

Our Team

Stephen John Cornado
Success Coordinator
Stephen works with our operational team to manage client and customer queries and ensures every email gets responded to promptly. He loves helping others, especially in areas that he knows on top of his game.
John Patrick Bangcot
Success Coordinator
John assists the HR department with hiring and onboarding. In his free time, John enjoys playing video games, the guitar, or going outdoors with his dogs. He also watches over his nephew on the weekends.
Joseph Rowe
Associate Editor
Joseph is a former ESL teacher with an MA in linguistics and originally from SoCal. Joseph edits for Codeless while living in Gafsa, Tunisia. He loves traveling, music, gaming, and reading.
Gabrio Linari
Director of SEO
Gabrio is the SEO Director at Codeless and has extensive experience in managing teams in different countries. He is passionate about technology and previously worked as a photographer and chef. He loves his family and his Westie, Rocky.
Ryan Johnson
Content Specialist
Ryan is a content specialist at Codeless. In addition to his interests in content marketing and SEO, he’s an avid bookworm, health nut, and dog owner.
Nicole Christiano
Associate Editor
Nicole Christiano is a SmartBlogger certified content writer and blog editor, She also runs the personal finance blog, Cultivating Cash. focusing on helping women find financial freedom mindfully.
Courtney McColl
Associate Editor
Courtney is a former AP Lit and Lang Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She splits her time between her family, editing, and trying to finish that pesky novel.
Jessica Chubbs
Account Manager
Jessica is an Account Manager raised in Albany, GA and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. She is a proud mommy of 4 daughters and has 6+ years of experience working in the tech industry.
Lisa Branham
Account Manager
Lisa is an Account Manager born and raised in Maryland. If she’s not chasing her toddler around then you can catch her relaxing by the beach and probably drinking too much espresso.
Kiera Whittington
Associate Editor
Kiera is a Chatham, Ontario-based editor at Codeless. When she’s not beautifying the written word, you can find her traveling, playing volleyball, horseback riding, or walking her Samoyed dog.
Prashant Dixit
Associate Editor
Prashant uses his 18+ years in marketing, project management & operations, to help businesses build trust with their potential consumers through compelling content.
Samia Osayed
Success Coordinator
Samia is an applied linguistics graduate turned marketer. Expo 2020 and SWITZ Arabia were her favorite brands to work with! She considers the best part of her life to be in Dubai.
Gem Toroba
Success Coordinator
Gem is someone dependable who can manage time for all kinds of tasks. She spends her spare time on reading books on personal development or finance. She also enjoys watching movies on Netflix.
Anna Wood
Ecommerce and Beauty Writer
Anna has been writing for Codeless since 2020. She lives in Australia with her family – and a fluffy white dog named Everest. She enjoys cooking (and eating), listening to retro tunes, and watching B-grade movies.
Austin Meadows
Finance Writer
Austin is a finance writer and an avid traveler. When he’s not writing, you can find him running, snowboarding, spending time with loved ones, or cooking up something (hopefully) tasty.
Raymond Gunawan
Site Manager
Raymond is our Site Manager at Codeless, responsible for driving growth and ensuring our website is spot-on. He used to write restaurant reviews until he turned into a gym rat.
Kinley Dorji
Marketing Specialist
Kinley is a Thimphu-based marketing specialist who manages, reviews, and improves content videos. He claims to drink too much coffee and writes occasionally.
Jen Cardenas
As Codeless President, Jen makes sure we aren’t giving away free content like those delicious cheese samples at Costco. She grew up in Ohio but ditched the winters for California sunshine.
Damian Davila
Finance Writer
Damian Davila is a Honolulu-based freelance writer with an MBA from the University of Hawaii. He enjoys helping people save money and writes about retirement, taxes, debt, and more.
Jessica Everitt
Director of Editorial
As Director of Editorial, Jessica is responsible for managing our editorial processes (making sure things get done, essentially). She lives in Nova Scotia amidst the snow and ice.
Julie Ann Fragata
Viceroy of Projects
Julie assists our operations team to improve workflows, speed up processes, and streamline efficiencies. That means she helps us get more, better, stuff done faster.
Erin Gobler
Finance Writer
Meet Erin Gobler. She’s a Wisconsin-based writer. Aaron Rodgers is always stopping by to hang out. Let’s just assume that’s true and keep moving.
Emmy Jenkins (Sundin)
Technical Writer
Emmy is about to serve up some of the very, very best. The mark of a great writer is her ability to turn a humble piece of content into luxurious article drizzled with caviar-like writing. Enjoy.
Joshua Krissansen
SaaS Writer
Josh is a New Zealand-based writer with expertise in SaaS and marketing topics. A true millennial, his current vices are coffee, craft beer, and purchasing new guitars to post on Instagram.
Alex Lenox
Project Management Writer
Alex Lenox hangs his hat in Dallas, Texas, and loves to write about SaaS, marketing, entrepreneurship, and project management. When he’s not hunched over a computer, he’s either behind the grill or out walking his American Bulldogs.
Ragnar Miljeteig
SaaS and Project Management Writer
Ragnar Miljeteig is a trilingual marketing writer with agency experience from Tokyo, Norway, and now (remotely) California, focused on helping SaaS companies create content that not just ranks, but builds trust, relationships, and authority.
Jenna Potter
Director of Video
Jenna Potter is the Director of Video at Codeless, focused on producing educational videos. When she’s not making videos, she’s playing bass, reading or glued to Youtube (naturally).
TJ Porter
Finance Writer
TJ is a Boston-based writer who focuses on credit cards and bank accounts. When he’s not writing, he enjoys cooking, esports, soccer, and games of the video and board varieties.
James Scherer
VP of Strategy
James Scherer is VP of Strategy at Codeless. He has been a writer, editor, and inbound marketer since 2013, and loves to see brands grow through content.
Bradley Schnitzer
Finance Writer
Bradley is a Michigan-based accountant-turned-copywriter passionate about finance, psychology, and 100 other subjects. He spends his free time in the gym, pursuing several intellectual interests, watching YouTube, and drinking coffee.
Brad Smith
Founder & CEO
Brad is the founder and CEO of Codeless. He’s also the CEO at Wordable and partner at uSERP. He’s been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Next Web, and thousands more.
Maureen Tangag
Success Coordinator
Maureen is a Content QA specialist that double checks every “T” and dots every “i” to make sure the output is spot-on to each client’s specifications.
Rachael Troughton
Senior Editor
Rachael Troughton is a Brit currently enjoying life across the pond in Pennsylvania.  Having escaped the 9-5, she spends her days managing our editorial efforts and writer development, and her nights planning her next adventure.
Hann Wang
SaaS and Project Management Writer
Hann is a B2B content writer for Codeless and works remotely from Taiwan. When he’s not helping companies grow their brands with awesome content, he spends his free time rock climbing, biking around the city, and catching the latest shows on Netflix.

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